The productive energy you feel on September 3, 4, and 5 is transformational. Work doesn’t seem like work and time flies by in large chunks. Is this what it feels like when everything works to your advantage? ’Cuz you could definitely get used to it! You like to go first class all the way on September 10 and 11, and even though it might strain your budget, you pull out all the stops for your sweetie or a first date. Never one to overindulge often, you’re finally in the mood to let go and see where the night takes you. September 14, 15, and 16 aren’t without their fair share of problems, but how you deal with stress may be more important than the root cause itself. Take a deep breath and make encouraging affirmations. Positive thinking can help you out of even the most difficult jam. There are astonishing events taking place in the world on September 17 and 18, but you’ve been too preoccupied to notice. Open your eyes and look around. You’ll be amazed by what you see. An old problem benefits from fresh input and ideas on September 26 and 27, so don’t discount anyone’s advice. You can learn a lot from other people’s mistakes.