Oh yes, Snapchat -- our favorite social media platform that helps us get up close and personal with our friends and family. From toilet selfies to wild nights at parties, Snapchat really lets you delve into the lives of people you know.

But did you know that tons of celebrities have Snapchat accounts, too? Some celebs choose to advertise their usernames and some like to keep theirs private private.

There's a couple celebrity accounts that still remain a mystery. The internet actually lost it when Beyoncé posted this picture on Instagram back in February with Blue Ivy posing with Snapchat filters. This sparked the speculation that she had an unknown Snapchat account which made the Beyhive go nuts. Tons of members of the Beyhive have pleaded on social media for the username, while others have said that they respect her choice for privacy.


Another A-list celebrity with a suspected private Snapchat account is rapper Drake. There's actually some photos on Google of supposedly real Snapchats from him. It's also known that music producer DJ Khaled has re-posted Drake's personal Snapchats to his own account. Another piece of evidence is that rapper Meek Mill actually leaked Drake's username during their highly publicized beef (SIDE NOTE - If you don't know about the beef, these two were friends and did music together at one point. A huge fight started between Meek Mill and Drake when Drake allegedly didn't tweet or promote Meek Mill's new album. Meek Mill then tweeted that Drake didn't write his own music and the two started releasing diss tracks against each other). Although, it is thought that Drake has since changed his Snapchat username since the leak.

So we don't have Beyoncé or Drake (sorry!), but we've narrowed down a list of our favorite 8 celebs that will really give you a taste of the lifestyles of the rich and the famous. Check out the list below!


our favorite 8 celebrity snapchat accounts:



Username: nickiminaj

Celebrity Verified Snapchat Emoji: 🦄 

Why You Should Add: Nicki is new to Snapchat and actually just joined last month. She's still getting the hang of it but you can expect lots of selfies with lots of filters. 



Username: kylizzlemynizzl

Celebrity Verified Snapchat Emoji: 👑

Why You Should Add: A majority of the Internet claims Kylie is the "queen of Snapchat" and probably for a reason. Her typical snaps feature selfies, her dogs, her BFF Jordyn Woods, food, expensive cars, and lip syncing.



Username: djkhaled305

Celebrity Verified Snapchat Emoji: 🔑

Why You Should Add: For starters, if you don't like LOTS of snaps, then DJ Khaled isn't the one for you. He pretty much snaps everyday, but we must say, some of them are hilarious. His usual Snapchats include keys to success (#MAJORKEYALERT), his super adorable son Asahd, jet skiing, parties, watering plants, and food made by his personal chef.



Username: khloekardashian

Celebrity Verified Snapchat Emoji: 💰 

Why You Should Add: As of lately, Khloe has been posting a lot of her workouts with her personal trainer, almost everyday actually. Other snaps of hers typically include selfies with filters, parties, and fancy gifts she receives from her celebrity friends.


Username: bellathornedab

Celebrity Verified Snapchat Emoji: 🐰

Why You Should Add: Bella is one of those ones who snaps a lot, pretty much everyday. She definitely gives you a glimpse into her everyday life. Her snaps are usually of her funky makeup, her kittens, her new puppy, wild outfits, flowers from secret love interests, and lots of music.



Username: youaintgolden

Celebrity Verified Snapchat Emoji: 🍯  

Why You Should Add: Jasmine Sanders, A.K.A. The Golden Barbie, often posts snaps with her actor and TV personality boyfriend, Terrance J. The beautiful model usually documents their adventures together and their two adorable dogs. Jasmine's usual snaps include workouts, food, modeling shoots, appearances, and selfies.


Username: theddlovato

Celebrity Verified Snapchat Emoji: 🍒

Why You Should Add: The gorgeous singer love posting selfies, this is actually what she posts most of the time. Demi's other snaps include laughter, her outfit of the day, and going to events.



Username: hilaryduff

Celebrity Verified Snapchat Emoji: 💆 

Why You Should Add: The former Disney Channel actress loves taking snaps of her and her son, Luca. Hilary typically snaps the outdoors and selfies.

who are some of your favorite celebrity snapchatters?!

Let us know in the comments below!

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