Good morning and happy Sunday everyone!

Well, July is almost over (can you believe it?!) and with that being said, we've rounded up our top five favorite free apps for the month. Yes, we said FREE (though some do have in-app purchases). We will provide download links and detailed descriptions for you so you can decide if you and the app are a perfect match. So what are you waiting for? Check out the list below!


Price: Free

Available For: iOSAndroid

Description: Darby is a video community for makers. It features thousands of how-to videos and allows you to even make and share your own. The videos on Darby feature tons of categories including weddings, party planning, beauty, fashion, food, kids stuff, home decor, gardening, and much more. You will be able to get tips and hobby ideas from the Darby community. Best of all -- the app, videos and features are totally free, plus, there's no ads!


Price: Free

Available For: Android

Description: DirectChat (Chatheads For All) allows you to create "chatheads" for other messengers and apps. It also organizes and manages all of your conversations in one place. No longer will you have to bounce back and forth between Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. Currently, DirectChat is compatible with 16 different messaging apps. These 16 are Facebook Messenger, Kik, WhatsApp, Hangouts, Telegram, Allo, Textra, Skype, Threema, Line, Disa, Plus, Slack, GroupMe, Viber, and Messenger Lite for Android N+. You can even add your own different app to the list in the app settings.


Price: Free

Available for: iOS | Android

Description: The new All Day app from Adidas allows you to discover daily fitness training routines, yoga routines, recipes for better nutrition, and ways to improve your sleep and strength. It features an "All Day activity tracker" that helps you improve your well being and build new habits. This tracker lets you set your workout plan and track metrics like calories burned, steps walked, and distance run. You can set special reminders and track your workouts like gym sessions and yoga classes. The recipes included in the All Day app allow you to try new healthy flavors that are easy to make. The sleep section of the app helps you to recharge with techniques for rest so you can gain more energy throughout the day.



Price: Free

Available For: iOS | Android

Description: You know those 60 second Tasty recipe videos that are alllll over Facebook and Instagram? Well this app has every Tasty video ever -- over 1700, actually. You can save videos to "My Recipe" which serves as your own personal mobile cookbook. The app also features a search tool that lets you filter by ingredients and social occasion. Some of the other filters include vegan, comfort food, healthy, and gluten-free. There's also step-by-step instructions on how to cook the meal in the video.



Price: Free

Available For: iOS | Android

Description: Catch Up is a new arcade game available for both iOS and Android. This fun and addicting game lets you control a ball while avoiding obstacles. It's almost like you're playing a next-level pinball game. There's tons of levels and you can try to beat your friends scores.

What did you think about the apps we featured in this list? And what's an AWESOME app you can't live without?! Let us know in the comments!