JUNE 21 - JULY 22

Venus turns retrograde on October 5, putting various projects on hold and sending your love life into a bit of a tailspin. You know that situation you thought you had figured out? Guess again, Cancer. 

A sun-Pluto square on the twelfth highlights your need to be in control, but that won’t always be possible. Watch out for ego conflicts, especially with people in positions of authority like parents or employers. 

A Mercury-Venus conjunction on October 15 helps you express some of the romantic thoughts you’ve been keeping to yourself. Once they’re out there, you’ll probably wonder why you never said them out loud before. Remember this feeling if you ever feel shy or hesitant again. 

The sun enters fellow water sign Scorpio on the twenty-third, so you’ll feel the emotional intensity right away. Your intention is getting to the bottom of things, and superficial or trivial matters really don’t concern you. 

A Mercury-Jupiter conjunction on October 29 could bring good news. Finding a good way to celebrate might be your biggest problem. Wouldn’t it be great if every month ended on such a happy note?!