What is Dress Up Your Tech?

Dress Up Your Tech is a website that supplies you with tons of wallpapers for your smartphone, computer, and tablet. The site is updated all of the time and there's always new wallpapers being added! 


Are the wallpapers free?

The wallpapers on Dress Up Your Tech's Tumblr are free. Wallpapers on dressupyourtech.com are digital downloads that you can purchase. Pricing starts at $1.99 and wallpaper packs include 5 wallpapers for $7.99 (nearly 53% off of buying them individually).


Does Dress Up Your Tech own all of these wallpapers?

Dress Up Your Tech only owns digital download wallpapers that you can purchase and some free ones featured on our Tumblr. Most of the free wallpapers featured on our Tumblr are found through various apps, blogs, websites, etc. Dress Up Your Tech does not own any free wallpapers unless stated otherwise.


Can I request wallpapers?

Wallpaper requests are coming soon!


What about phone cases?

Phone cases are definitely in the future! 


How do you create the wallpapers?

Dress Up Your Tech's wallpapers are made mostly through Adobe Photoshop CC and Adobe Illustrator CC with credits to Creative Market, Tumblr, and Pinterest for inspiration!


How can I contact you about questions, advertisements, etc.?

You can contact us at the following addresses based per concern:

Contact/Questions | contact@dressupyourtech.com

Advertisements | advertise@dressupyourtech.com

Support | support@dressupyourtech.com

Shop | shop@dressupyourtech.com


What do I do if I've seen my work on your Tumblr?

If you have seen your own creations on our Tumblr page, please send us an email at contact@dressupyourtech.com and provide enough information for proof of creation. Your website/company will be credited to your work. 




Email us at contact@dressupyourtech.com or tweet us @dressupyourtech!