Your home planet of Venus enters your lovely sign on August 6, so your love life should be in full bloom. You appreciate beauty in all its forms, and you’re a gentle and charming lover. You’re also very willing to let others get their way - but compromise is better than complete surrender. 

A Venus-Mars retrograde trine occurs on the seventh, which puts you in a creative flow. You have a lot of great ideas that you’ll want to implement, and while many of them will probably work, try not to force the issue when they don’t. There’s plenty of time to go back to the drawing board. 

Mars in retrograde enters strict Capricorn on August 12, delivering a persistent, sometimes stubborn energy. Again, you run into the theme of pushing too hard when you get resistance from the other side, which doesn’t really work with Mars retrograde. You’d love to have things your way, but collaboration is a better idea than ditching a project altogether. 

You get praise for a job well done during the sun-Uranus trine on August 25, but don’t get too comfortable. Smile through a standing ovation, but don’t forget that there’s still more work to be done after the curtain closes and everyone else goes home.