You aren’t normally the type to haggle, but you can’t resist bargaining for a better price on September 1 and 2. This may be a new skill you didn’t know you had, Scorpio, so use it until you’re satisfied that you’re getting absolutely the best deal possible. Your power is beyond some people’s understanding on September 8 and 9, so you might clash with underlings and other people you’ve been put in charge of. You don’t mean to be bossy, but it is in your nature to want to tell people what to do. If they can’t take the heat, they can get out of the kitchen. Your thoughts are more elusive than usual on September 21 and 22, if that’s even possible. You aren’t about to reveal any secrets about yourself anytime soon, so anyone trying to pry info out of you should just stop now. Good luck seems to be on your side on September 26 and 27, but you’d rather rely on skill to get ahead. Good thing you have both. Friends in high places offer you favors on September 28, 29, and 30, so why not accept their help? You have little to lose and everything to gain from the generosity of other people.